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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The main difference

Whats midi? whats Audio? whats the difference?

i wont go over too much of how it works.. but i will give some basics

This baby right here is midi
isnt a sound cable just a cable? well think of it this way. midi differs from a regular cable because it transfers informational data instead of sound. if plugged into your keyboard it gives the information of what key is played and ect. usefull! indeed. though not all hardware supports it
this is an audio cable. this works by just transfering the SOUND of whatever is being played. the only information is in wavelenghts. think of it this way... a midi cable is like a 3d model of a plane. you can go around and receive information form any angle . an audio cable is like a picture. you still get the same thing but you get no additional information. but its a way more common form of transfering simple instruments and such.

now you know!


  1. you know that guitar hero drums have a midi out?

  2. And this is why I've got a midi to audio converter cable! Thanks for the informations.

  3. im installing a new system in my car soon.. what kind of cables do they use?

  4. I def need some new headphones...trying to listen to hip-hop with my headphones is painful lol. Good post.

  5. I knew this too like SC2 Strats. Even if I know it, thanks for this info :)

  6. didn't know that!!
    thanks for sharing =)