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Monday, November 15, 2010

in on or over

well i'm back from a lazy long weekend of not blogging. but i am back now with riches of knolege back from my quest. well not really... but here's a topic- what kinda headphones suits you?

there are three styles of headphones that are commonly found. i'll go over the pros and cons of each

first there is the on bud headphones. seen plugged into ipods everywhere. not to be confused with in ear. which i'll talk about later
yeah these are pretty common to see around public places.

PRO: small, easy to carry around. you can slip em into your back pocket or purse.
         inexpensive, relativley. pick up a decent pair from walmart for under 20 bucks.
CONS: personally, these headphones really really bug my ears after more than 10 min of listening.
            not too great sound quality

next is the on ear headphone. not as small as in ear but not as big as over ear.

usually , as the name implies, fits right on your ear. usually with a soft cusion to seal the speaker to your ear.
PRO: can sound really nice and offer a good amout of comfort at the same time. good for computers too.
         seals out a decent amout of sound
CONS: less portable than on bud headphones. you would look a little silly walking around with these.
             a bit more expensive

and finally over ear headphones. also call full headphones

these are big headphones. right off the bat. they have cusion around the edge which is designed to cover your ear and supress outside noise. DJs and studio recorders can be found weilding these babys.
PROS: very comfortable
            superior sound quality. large enough speakers to crak out the lows  better too.
            durable. these usually have thicker wires and are made of better quality plastic or even metal.
CONS: expensive. the proffetional line of these headphones will set you back a pretty penny.
             again not very portable.
            if you dont need the greatest sound quality in the world, you really dont need these for everyday use

so there you have it! now choose your weapon


  1. The thing with the first one, is that is easy to undercover =P

  2. None of these am I using type 4 :P

  3. I used to buy the first kind of headphones but I kept crushing them when they fell on the ground. That's why I get huge ones now!

  4. I loathe and despise any that go in. Overs are nice, but they always make me feel like a nerd. I'll stick with ons that let every outside sound interfere with my music.

  5. this was the most interesting to me

  6. I prefer over-the-ear headphones

  7. I'd like to have one those in ear headphones BOSE, they are expensive ($100) but I'm not sure If I'm willing to waste my money on that. Frustration comes....

  8. I prefer the first one (ipod like)

  9. hate the first ones, always fall out of my ears :C

  10. I'm in the market for new headphones... this is good information

  11. full headphones for me!
    love my sennheiser...

  12. Could never be her mild companion. Following!

  13. I've got headset, Apple Phones, they are in the box from my new Ipod touch 32 GB.

    good post =)

  14. I'm dependent on the situation. If I am out and about, I'm very often going to walking/running/lifting/etc. because I go to the gym/course alot. Therefore, I will have the "in" headphones, preferably that also wrap around your ear for added stability.

    However, if I am at home, I tend to use "Over" headphones. It just makes life so much easier and the sound quality always seems to be higher to I enjoy it.