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Monday, November 15, 2010

in on or over

well i'm back from a lazy long weekend of not blogging. but i am back now with riches of knolege back from my quest. well not really... but here's a topic- what kinda headphones suits you?

there are three styles of headphones that are commonly found. i'll go over the pros and cons of each

first there is the on bud headphones. seen plugged into ipods everywhere. not to be confused with in ear. which i'll talk about later
yeah these are pretty common to see around public places.

PRO: small, easy to carry around. you can slip em into your back pocket or purse.
         inexpensive, relativley. pick up a decent pair from walmart for under 20 bucks.
CONS: personally, these headphones really really bug my ears after more than 10 min of listening.
            not too great sound quality

next is the on ear headphone. not as small as in ear but not as big as over ear.

usually , as the name implies, fits right on your ear. usually with a soft cusion to seal the speaker to your ear.
PRO: can sound really nice and offer a good amout of comfort at the same time. good for computers too.
         seals out a decent amout of sound
CONS: less portable than on bud headphones. you would look a little silly walking around with these.
             a bit more expensive

and finally over ear headphones. also call full headphones

these are big headphones. right off the bat. they have cusion around the edge which is designed to cover your ear and supress outside noise. DJs and studio recorders can be found weilding these babys.
PROS: very comfortable
            superior sound quality. large enough speakers to crak out the lows  better too.
            durable. these usually have thicker wires and are made of better quality plastic or even metal.
CONS: expensive. the proffetional line of these headphones will set you back a pretty penny.
             again not very portable.
            if you dont need the greatest sound quality in the world, you really dont need these for everyday use

so there you have it! now choose your weapon

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bass amp

Do you remember when a car stereo was pretty good even without a sub?

me neither
this may not really be about headphones buttt... its audio related
just helped my friend install a 1400W sub 12" bass speaker.
also installed some kickers to help with the punchiness.
rewiring the car was a hassle.a giant hassle. at 3 in the morning freezing and half falling asleep. but it got done.
But now for a little something i learned from this.
having two of the same size speakers does not double the decibals (volume) of the sound. once a speaker is loud enough to vibrate all of the air in the car, any additional speakers wont do much. now if your single speaker doesnt move all the air, then two is needed to full out the sound. helpfull info!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The main difference

Whats midi? whats Audio? whats the difference?

i wont go over too much of how it works.. but i will give some basics

This baby right here is midi
isnt a sound cable just a cable? well think of it this way. midi differs from a regular cable because it transfers informational data instead of sound. if plugged into your keyboard it gives the information of what key is played and ect. usefull! indeed. though not all hardware supports it
this is an audio cable. this works by just transfering the SOUND of whatever is being played. the only information is in wavelenghts. think of it this way... a midi cable is like a 3d model of a plane. you can go around and receive information form any angle . an audio cable is like a picture. you still get the same thing but you get no additional information. but its a way more common form of transfering simple instruments and such.

now you know!

Monday, November 8, 2010

some gaming phones

So we'll be going over some pretty well known headsets for gamers.

 Well here are the sound blasters that are World of warcraft based. i really was expecting a novelty product but this actually pulled through with some decent sounds. non ajustable mic threw me off a little though. overall if your a wow fan the changable icons might be worth it. show off your alliance
 now these german qpads are pretty ordinary. with such a high price i excpected better quality from them. i'd say keep your money for a better deal
now this is the pinnacle of all console gaming. wirless is check. plugs into rgb slot check. voice and game both in headset check. comfortabe check. decent price. check. these are the way to go if your looking for console gaming.

yo dawg its some funny stuff

from the internet. to you. found by yours truely

some beastieal headphone amp i picked up

think u got something on these babys?
cost more than a small car

baby u know it
you think its worth it

Sunday, November 7, 2010

my headphonessss

have u seen my headphones? they sweet.
they got these awesome sony noise cancelling junk on it. its sweet
the one thing is.... it too not over ear its on ear so it kills me.