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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bass amp

Do you remember when a car stereo was pretty good even without a sub?

me neither
this may not really be about headphones buttt... its audio related
just helped my friend install a 1400W sub 12" bass speaker.
also installed some kickers to help with the punchiness.
rewiring the car was a hassle.a giant hassle. at 3 in the morning freezing and half falling asleep. but it got done.
But now for a little something i learned from this.
having two of the same size speakers does not double the decibals (volume) of the sound. once a speaker is loud enough to vibrate all of the air in the car, any additional speakers wont do much. now if your single speaker doesnt move all the air, then two is needed to full out the sound. helpfull info!


  1. You should try wiring a ford focus. Damn wire "tubes" make everything impossible.

  2. Sounds like it sounds awesome, sometimes I wish I put subs in my xB.

    Thanks for the post

  3. Well, I have a Bose Sound system, so I can't complain, lol

  4. hahaha.. yea i see that. that sounds really familiar

  5. It looks pretty good, and let´s face it, everybody, no matter how much you know about sound, loves something that gives a good sound quality, with awesome bass and all that, so yeah, i will keep it in mind.

  6. It reminds me of my first stereo and how I kept having fun trying to make the wall shakes while listening to some music!

  7. You should definitely talk about the Skullcandy Headphones with a bass amplifier so epic that it needs batteries for it. Amazing blog and nice post :)

  8. that sounds pretty sick. get it bumpin!

  9. Great tips at the end, keep those coming.